Use Speed Governor for Safer Roads

Road accidents have become too common in our country. Many precious lives are lost in road accidents every day. Everyone is in a hurry and is least bothered to think about  these social issues unless they become a victim. Ordinary citizens like you and me, can do a lot to  improve the present scenario. Speeding of vehicles is the major cause of road accidents. Traffic violations, poor road conditions, careless driving also adds-up to the cause of road accidents.

Speed governors are by far the best solution to over speeding of vehicles on roads. The maximum speed limit of the vehicle is decided by the governments. At present, in most states across India,60 kmph and 80 kmph are permitted by the government for school buses and trucks respectively. Various state and city level governments are making the use of speed governor mandatory to ensure that the vehicles run within specified speed limits

Recent reports from different organisations and agencies on the increasing rate of road accidents due to over speeding of vehicles has also resulted in steps towards making the speed governor mandatory  . Autograde is the leading manufacturer of vehicle speed governors. To make our roads safer has always been the priority of Autograde and always will be.
As a common citizen, we all must ensure to limit the speed of our vehicles to the recommended speed limit. We must also promote in travelling in speed governor installed vehicles. Vehicles under the control of speed governors make the travel of children riding in school buses, fellows travelling in public transports etc safer and more secure. Let us join our hands with Autograde to make our roads safer with speed governors.

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