Autograde amongst Top 10 Most Promising GPS Solution Providers- 2017

Silicon magazine article

Autograde was recently listed in SiliconIndia Magazine, as one of the Top 10 Most promising GPS Solution providers. Available in Lite & Pro versions for tracking school buses, personal vehicles & commercial fleet, Autograde’s TANK provides visual proof when coaching and behavioral changes are needed among drivers. Furthermore, it investigates incidents, spot habits & trends and compare the driver’s productivity and performance. Its GPS technology helps improve work productivity and increase customer satisfaction while delivering significant savings on labor, fuel and other expenses. With India’s present crime rate, there lies an increasing demand to reduce theft. Implementing a GPS Solution Provider remains mandatory to keep your vehicle safe and Autograde has won consumers’ hearts with their latest product.

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Speed Governor Installation Mandatory in All States- Declares Ministry, Supreme Court

Speed Governor Installation Mandatory in All States

The number of road traffic accidents/deaths has been rising exponentially over the past decade in India, thanks to factors like growing population, surging demand for transport/commercial vehicles, poor traffic rules and regulations, and SPEEDY VEHICLES. In 2013, more than 1.3 lakh people had lost their lives in road traffic accidents! Adding to this unpleasant data […]

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Road accidents may cause up to 5% decline in GDP in low/middle-income economies

Every year, about 1.25 million people around the globe die due to road traffic accidents; which means- 3,400 deaths daily! However, over 90% of these deaths occur in economically backward regions alone. Low and middle-income countries in the African region are said to report the highest rates of road traffic deaths. According to the World […]

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4 Suggestions to Improve India’s Road Safety and Save Precious Lives

Installation of Speed governors is found to be the most effective solution to over speeding of vehicles around the world.  Over speeding of vehicles results in increasing road accident rates and fatalities that can be avoided by making the vehicle fully under control by the installation of speed governors. Keeping this fact India is edging […]

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