4 Suggestions to Improve India’s Road Safety and Save Precious Lives

Installation of Speed governors is found to be the most effective solution to over speeding of vehicles around the world.  Over speeding of vehicles results in increasing road accident rates and fatalities that can be avoided by making the vehicle fully under control by the installation of speed governors. Keeping this fact India is edging to reduce road accident rates by 50 percent by 2020. The State and the Central government play a key role in implementation of mandatory speed governor in all the commercial vehicles.

Recently the Supreme Court seeked response from 10 State government transport secretaries on installation of speed governors in vehicles. In 2002 the Supreme Court had issued a guideline for speed governor installation in all commercial vehicles. State governments of Maharashtra,Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Punjab have issued notifications for making speed governors mandatory for all commercial vehicles, but many others have not.

According to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, transport vehicles should be fitted with speed governors, sealed with official seal in a way that the seal cannot be removed or tampered with without being broken. The speed governor installed vehicle cannot be driven at a speed in excess of the maximum pre-set speed of the vehicle.

Some State governments are driving slowly on fitting of speed governors. The active steps by the governments in limiting speed on roads by vehicles could save hundreds of lives on roads. Each day state governments are delaying the ruling to make speed Governors mandatory, hundreds of precious lives are lost on Indian roads.

Road accidents contribute to annual economic loss worth 3% (4 lakh crores) of India GDP. Fatalities and road crashes during 2014 was 4.89 lakh that has increased to more than 5 lakh by 2015. This statistics shows us that more steps needs to be taken for road safety.  Stronger law and better enforcement are the key to reducing these crashes.

Our Aim to reduce road accident rates by 50 percent can be achieved by considering the following in addition to the road safety equipments.

1) Post-accident care must be made available immediately to the victim which is the primary step of road safety analysis.

2) Basic emergency care provided within the first hour or golden hour could save a majority of accident victims.

3) Providing good-quality trauma care can play a critical role in reducing the existing mortality. Trauma care includes first response, transit, treatment and rehabilitation. The effective use of technological interventions and public engagement approach to trauma care can potentially save many lives.

4) Enforcement of existing traffic laws without fail

Autograde Speed governors have a long history in the manufacturing and installation of speed governors all over India. Autograde speed governors reduce accident rates by slowing down the vehicles speed.

The developments in the field of Technology, Infrastructure, government policies and its implementation together will surely make a difference in road safety soon.

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