New Innovations in Automobile Industry

As technology continues to make rapid strides in the automobile industry, Autograde has gathered a list of the latest innovations in the field – a few of them being offered by Autograde itself!

1) GPS Vehicle tracking –  This innovation has been a game-changer for worried parents as well as vehicle owners with drivers. Autograde’s GPS vehicle tracking device (VTS) combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these data for a comprehensive picture of the vehicle location. When fitted with the the device, stolen vehicles can be recovered by tracking their location and ensuring appropriate recovery methods are taken with the help of the police.

2) In-car Internet – They say the Internet is everywhere these days. That’s probably because it is. Advances in cellular technology have made it far easier, and more cost effective, to use the Internet on the road than it used to be, and there are more ways to get Wi-Fi in your car than ever before.The easiest way to get Wi-Fi in your car is to leverage your existing smartphone as an ad hoc wireless hotspot.

3)  Night vision pedestrian detection – An automotive night vision system uses a thermographic camera to increase a driver’s perception and seeing distance  in darkness or poor weather beyond the reach of the vehicle’s headlights. Such systems are offered as optional equipment on certain premium vehicles.

4) Speed Limiters – Speed Governors can be used to limit the top speed for vehicles, and for some classes of vehicle, such devices are a legal requirement. Autograde’s DASS-86 Speed Governor is a fuel-based electronic road speed limiter. This smooth operating device increases engine life, fuel efficiency, and reduce maintenance cost of your vehicles. The product is gaining popularity all over the world and is currently being used in over 25 countries.

With newer products and technologies being released by the day, Autograde’s advanced R&D team ensures that the company produces advanced and innovative products!

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