How to Select The Best Speed Governors At The Best Price?

Initially commercial vehicle owners will have to shell out less than Rs 10,000 per vehicle for the purpose of installing speed governors within their vehicle. The state government’s policy to make speed governor mandatory in all vehicles increases the sale of speed governors. Several States have decided to make speed governors mandatory for school buses, tankers, dumpers and goods vehicles covered for national permit. According to RTO officials, only those speed governors that are approved by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), a research institute of the automotive industry with the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, Government of India, can be fitted in the vehicles.

The Certification authorities for speed governor include, Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), International Centre for Automotive Technology(ICAT),Vehicle Research and Development Establishment(VRDE),Central Institute of Road Technology(CIRT)etc. The authorities change according to the regions, and speed limits could vary based on their laws and infrastructural facilities.  According to RTO officials, the maximum limit for commercial/transport vehicles would be 65 kmph. In case one tampers with the gadget in their vehicle, the vehicle will automatically go in limp-in mode thereby reducing the speed to 25 to 30 kmph.

The speed governor product must be manufactured using quality approved raw materials and innovative technology. Most of the speed governors are easy to install and require less maintenance. The speed governors maintaining international quality standards and norms are preferred by the officials and the public.

Drivers of heavy vehicles are required to obey the speed limits of the states. Penalties on drivers failing to comply with speed limits include demerit points, licence suspension, cancellation or disqualification and fines. Now different types of speed governor are now available in the market. Fuel type speed governor, cable type speed governor, electronic pedal interface speed governors etc. These variations are based on the type of technology incorporated.

Speed governor increases fuel efficiency thereby cost of installation of speed governor can be recovered in less than 4 months due to increased vehicle fuel efficiency. The speed governors needs to be treated as an insurance factor to both our vehicle and life. It is each one of our responsibility to drive in the preferred speed limits and ensure road safety to us and our fellow travellers. Speed Governors helps serve this purpose.

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