Dependence on Speed Governor for Road Safety Measures

Several rules are implemented for safety on roads, but these are not reflecting in the road accident statistic rates. The increasing fatalities rate shows us that the problem needs to be studied on the basis of technical and modern science. The speed governors are the best solutions for these crises. The reach of speed governors must be made available to every commercial vehicle. Studies have shown that vehicles without speed governors are much prone to road accidents than with vehicles installed with speed governors. The desired results can be achieved by proper implementation and enforcement on installation of speed governors.

Most of the State Governments are taking proactive measures for safety on roads. ‘Road Safety Fund’ is such an initiative by the Maharashtra Government where, the objective of raising fund is for the use of road safety measures and to prevent fatalities. The government is planning to raise the fund up to Rs 150 crore through a new cess levied on vehicle registrations by March 2017. Kerala has around 15 lakh commercial vehicles, the largest in the country. Commercial vehicles are involved in 40% of the accidents taking place in the state and installing speed governors could reduce the fatalities and accidents by 20%. As per the amendments to Rule 118 of the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1989, speed governors should be fitted in transport vehicles with a maximum preset speed limit of 80 km per hour.

The State Governments are moving forward to make speed governors mandatory for all vehicles. The insurance companies had stopped entertaining the claims of vehicles, not fitted with speed governors. A well known fact is that, mostly the illiterate drivers contribute largely to road accidents. The primary objective of governments must be to make the drivers aware of road safety, general road rules, and safe driving measures.

Drivers must show that they understand the society’s concerns on reducing the impact of traffic on environment and how to use the road system efficiently, showing the skills necessary to drive safely. The Speed Governors will be a boosting factor for such drivers.

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