VTS Helps Better Fleet Management and Road Safety

The Vehicle Tracking System or VTS helps in better fleet management and road safety. VTS can be incorporated in school buses, trucks, government vehicles, tractors, luxury vehicles, boats etc.  This helps to track vehicles even from a distance and quick action can be carried out in case of theft or emergencies. Autograde provides these facilities by their VTS product TANK.

The TANK is very helpful to fleet managers. They would be able to check on their drivers who  drive too fast, which is a behaviour well known to contribute to both the number and outcome of accidents. An enterprise level Vehicle Tracking System should offer customisable reporting tools. Vehicle Tracking System can be active, passive or both depending upon the application. Vehicle tracking includes data capture, data storage, data transfer and data analysis. Data capturing is the first step in tracking your vehicle, captured data is stored in the memory of the automated vehicle unit, stored data are transferred to the computer server using the mobile network or by connecting the vehicle mount unit to the computer and data analysis is done through the software application. Vehicle Tracking System is mainly used in the transport industry that keeps a real time track of all vehicles in the fleet. There are various GPS software and hardware developing companies in India working for tracking solutions. However, its application is not that much popular as in other countries like the USA, which regulates the whole GPS network. In India, it is mostly used in Indian transport and logistics industry. But with better awareness and promotion the market will increase. Logistics service providers are now increasingly adopting VTS for  better fleet management and timely service. The system can continuously monitor workmen location and so can direct the drivers in case of any change of plan. Fleet managers can keep an eye on all activities of workers, vehicle over speed, route deviations etc. The driver in turn can access emergency service in case of accident or vehicle breakdown. All in turn supports money and time management.

The TANK will give an advantage in managing traffic, roadways and ports and also as an important tool for police and security agency to track stolen vehicles. Hence, in the near future there is a large prospect for the utility of Vehicle Tracking System in India, which can revolutionize the way we are communicating. Thus VTS enables better fleet management and road safety.

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