Road safety aims 2020

Road Safety Aims by 2020

Efforts to decrease road accidents has been continuing since all these years. But the current strategies adopted by us in today’s day to day increasing traffic is a challenging one. Modern technologies must be incorporated in vehicles for complete road safety solutions. Experts vision on road safety by 2020 is very much hopeful.


The single remedy found for the speed limiting of vehicles is by the Speed Governors. A high rate of accidents occur during over-speeding of vehicles where the driver loses his control over the vehicle. The most pathetic condition is that this may also leads to causality of many innocents. There have been efforts by the governments to make Speed Governors mandatory for all vehicles. Scope on installing Speed Governors at the vehicle manufacturing units are also considered seriously. The law needs to be amended according to new developments. Considering this the Government had approved the Motor Vehicle Bill 2016, which proposes to amend 68 sections to Motor Vehicle Act.


Indian Government aims to reduce road fatalities to 50 percent by 2020, for this the government is all set to adopt newer smart mobility technologies, whether in the form of traffic and transport efficiency, customized mobility , environment friendly mobility and road safety. According to statistics, every year 1.5 lakh lose their lives and 3 lakh people suffer disabilities due to road accidents.


The awareness programmes among the public has also resulted in the lowering accidents rates. The strong implementation of traffic rules, penalty to the rash drivers and even cancellation of the driving licence needs to be continued to achieve this goal. Collective hands of all could make a better result in road safety by 2020.

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