Vehicle Speed Governor – Govt Approved Speed Governors in India

World Health Organization (WHO) statistics shows that about 1.25 million people die each year as a result of road traffic crashes. An increase in average speed is directly related both to the likelihood of a crash occurring and to the severity of the consequences of the crash. Accidents occur due to several reasons including reckless driving, drink and drive, non-licensed drivers, and much more. However, speeding is the major cause for most of the accidents as revealed by a national driving survey. Increasing rate of accidents makes us think about an alternative to limit speed on roads.

What is a speed limiter?

A Road Speed Limiter (RSL) is a device whose primary function is to limit the speed to a preset level whilst the throttle (Accelerator pedal is fully depressed). Speed Limiter empowers the driver to have superior control over the vehicle in times of emergencies, thereby, drastically reducing fatalities on the road.

Autograde RSL’s are mainly of three types:

1) Fuel Type Speed Limiter (DASS-86).

2) Mechanical Pedal Interface type speed limiter (C-DRIVE).

3) Electronic pedal interface type speed limiter (SAFEDRIVE).

Govt Approved Fuel Type Speed Governors in India | Autograde (DASS-86)

AUTOGRADE DASS-86 is a fuel based electronic road speed limiter, which limits the top speed smoothly thereby increasing engine life, fuel efficiency and also overall maintenance cost. The product is ideal for Fleets, where the cost of the device could be recovered within a month. DASS-86 is being sold in over 25 countries.

Major Parts of Dass- 86

  • E.C.U.( Electronic Control  Unit)
  • F.C.U (Fuel Control Unit)
  • Speed Sensor

For installation and fitment steps, follow the YouTube link:


Govt Approved Cable Type Speed Governors – India | Autograde(C-DRIVE)

This is the traditional speed limiter which interfaces with the pedal of the vehicle and limits the driver from driving beyond the cut-off speed mechanically. The C-DRIVE is widely sold in Asian countries. Cable type speed limiter is a motor-controlled speed limiting device, which controls the speed of the vehicle by a precise adjustment of accelerator cable and stabilizes the speed at the set speed, smoothly.

Major Parts of C-Drive:

  • ECU &Motor Unit
  • Cable
  • Sensor

For installation and fitment steps, follow the YouTube link:


Govt Approved Electronic Pedal Interface Speed Governors – India | Autograde (SAFE DRIVE)

Advanced Speed Limiter is most effective for vehicles with electronic engines and accelerator pedal. There is zero impact on the vehicle with zero-moving parts and is Tamper-proof. This has specially designed connectors to avoid mistakes in connections. The safe drive is suitable for any vehicle with ECM’s.

Major Parts of Safe Drive:

  • E.C.U (Electronic Control Unit)
  • Electronic Sensor Adaptor

For installation and fitment steps, follow the YouTube link:


Our products are conformed with ISO 9001:2008, AIS 037, GSO 1626:2002, KEBS, UAE Center of Excellence Standards.  The product goes through a three-stage quality control process, with a defect ratio which is less than 1 per 1000 units.


How we differ from others?

  1. Aging resistant high-quality stainless steel metal enclosure.
  2. Flame retardant automotive grade wiring harness.
  3. Custom designed, 3 layer internal wire braided hose.
  4. PCB assembled in advanced ESD work station.
  5. Autograde proprietary solenoid fuel valve system.
  6. Four stage quality check.
  7. ‘Online Certificate Management System’.

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